E Così SiaSo Be It (19”, Italy, written and directed by Cristina Spina)

Benedetta Finocchi: Caterina
Sandra Toffolatti:  Marta (Mother)
Tommaso Ragno: Daniele (Father)
Maria Roveran: Natalya (Baby Sitter)
Ninni Giromella: Elsa (Grandmother)

In the Villa of a once noble Italian family, a nine years old girl hoping to make it to her first Holy Communion, is thrown by her parent’s separation and her mother’s departure. She goes looking for reconciliation, only to find a “communion” she never expected.

EUROPEAN SHORT FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Berlin, Germany)​ 2016​​
15th RIFF – ROME INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Rome, Italy)​ 2016​
NEW FILMMAKER FESTIVAL *(Official Selection, New York, USA) 2016
33rd INT’L FESTIVAL SARAJEVO “SARAJEVO WINTER”* (Official Selection, Bosnia and Herzegovina) 2017
17th FILUMS – INT’L FILM FESTIVAL* (Official Selection, Lahore, Pakistan) 2017
SHORT TO THE POINT MARCH 2017* (Official Selection, Bucharest, Romania) 2017
7th FIGARI FILM FESTIVAL* (Official Selection, Olbia, Italy) 2017
38th DURBAN INT’L FILM FESTIVAL* (Official Selection, South Africa) 2017
2nd SMITA PATIL DOCUMENTARY AND SHORT FILM FESTIVAL*(Official Selection, Pune, India) 2017
4th BANJARA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL *(Official Selection, India) 2-18
15th IN THE PALACE* International short film Festival (International Film Competition, Official Selection, Balchik, Bulgaria) 2018 

RIFF – Rome Indipendent Film Festival * Best Short Film 2016*
SMITA Short film festival * 2nd Best short film 2017*
SHORT To The Point * Special Jury AWARD 2017*