End of production: March 2020 Short film: 17 Minutes
Directed :Cristina Spina
Screenplay: Cristina Spina
Producers: Oliva Serafini-Sauli
Country: Italy – Usa
Genres: Drama
Distributions and sale: Zen Movie

Cast: Kathleen Chalfant end Yvonne Woods
Director of photography: Teodoro Maniaci
Editing: Stefano Mariotti & Cristina Spina
Music: Rossano Baldini
Sound editing: Marta Billingsley
Color: Antony Raffaele

A human being needs at least 1200 calories a day to live. A woman in the middle of an existential crisis confronts her ballet teacher who had forced her, at the age of 13, to restrict her diet to 500 calories a day.

Theresa (40), something desperate in her face, in her eyes, has been living in her car for a week. We don’t exactly know what’s happened before this moment, but we can imagine that she has left her husband, her job, and is traveling with almost all of her belongings. Often the reason for our deepest anguish lies in our past, and Theresa has decided to journey back into her adolescence. She is looking for a cure, a liberation, a confession. She is driving alone through the countryside, looking for the home of Mrs. Evangeline, a woman in her 70s and the former director of an important ballet school. Theresa will burst into the director’s house, her former teacher, with a violence that surprises her. She wants to confront Mrs. Evangeline, but more precisely, she wants an apology.  

FESTIVAL Alice nella Città – Cortinametraggio – Afrodite Short – Maremetraggio 22nd edition of ShorTS International Film Festival – RiFF River Film Festival – Snow Dance Film Festival – LA short Film Festival –
New Haven International Film Festival – California International Shorts Festival –

AWARDS Cortinametraggio Best Photography, Tatatu Award by Andrea Iervolino best short, Afrodite Short best theme. Indie Shorts Awards New York – Fabriano Film Fest Winner of Women Empowerment – Corto e a Capo Winner award MARIO PUNZO.